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When choosing clothing it's all about packing light and finding items that can be used again and again. Layers are preferrable - a thing long sleeved top can provide protection against the sun, mosquitos in the evening or as another layer when it's cold. It's also much easier to take a few items and wash these regularly than pack masses of clothes - indeed you'll find you pack less clothes than for a week holiday!

A fleece can provide you with a warm layer for cold evenings as well as something to sleep in if it's chilly at night. You'll also need a waterproof layer - something lightweight works well, and can double up as a winter coat with your fleece.

Footware probably takes up the most space in your luggage, so think about how many pairs of shoes you actually need. Walking boots are practical if trekking anywhere but you'll need to wear them every time you move places or face a heavy load in your pack. Walking sandals are great in warm weather and can be practical on the beach.

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