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The type of luggage you'll take with you really depends on where you are going and the kind of travelling you'll be doing. Look for something appropriate for your adventures - don't feel pressured into a fancy rucksack if you are more comfortable with a suitcase.


Rucksacks are the traditional luggage - these are easy to handle, comfortable and practical when moving through towns to your accommodation. Unfortunately their shape doesn't make it easy to access the inside - you'll be forever unpacking the whole thing or feeling blindly to find items that have slipped down inside.

When looking to buy a rucksack, try them on fully loaded and make sure the back is the right length for you. The only difference between men's and women's backpacks are the size of the back system. The straps are normally fully adjustable and it can take a bit of time to get these in the right places.


Wheeled suitcases can handle more weight as you aren't actually carrying them and are much easier to get going with from an airport carrosel or coach luggage store. They are also easier to access inside, with a larger access zip. The disadvantage is that you will tend to pack a suitcase heavier, making it unwieldy plus on cobbled streets and dirt roads the wheels aren't much good at all!

Combination packs

These are a fairly new kind of luggage and are in some ways still very much in development. They generally consist of a rucksack with foldaway straps and wheels, or a suitcase with rucksack handles. While these seem to offer the best of both worlds, there is a bit of a compromise. The backpack straps of the suitcase style packs aren't necessarily the most comfortable, while the wheels on the backpacks aren't designed for heavy use. Additionally the extra features add to the initial weight of the packs and will be much heavier when empty.

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