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Where to Stay

Accommodation options vary from country to country, but there are a few types that are consistent.

Hostels are generally your cheapest option. Some of these have large dormitory style rooms with bunks, while others have smaller, shared rooms. Bathroom facilities are normally shared, while some hostels will have cooking facilities for you to use. During summer periods, student accommodation is often turned into hostels - these can be cheaper than dedicated hostels and often locacted quite centrally.

Private rooms, either in dedicated guest houses, or just lodging with the owner can be a good budget choice. Facilities can vary, but expect to pay more for your own bathroom. Hotels are a more expensive options, but do generally offer more comfort and can be a welcome break after a long journey.

Something to look out for when arriving in a new destination are touts. These people are employed, usually on a commission basis by hotels or guest houses to intice people to come and stay. Just be wary of what they say - if they tell you the hotel you plan on staying at is closed then it's likely to be an attempt to get you to stay at one of their hotels.

More and more accommodation options are getting online, even in the most remote parts of the world. Checking for accommodation before you arrive and even booking ahead can remove some of the stress of arriving in a new town.