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Why Backpacking?

Backpacking is travelling with complete freedom, exploring any part of the world you wish. From the historic cities of Europe to the vibrant beaches of Australia, there's a wealth of experiences out there to explore. North America has some of the most iconic cities and national parks in the world, while Europe has so much history and culture crammed into a small continent. Then there's the more exotic destinations - India and Thailand, both offering completely different cultural experiences . While cities will be your main starting points, public transport can take you to the more remote locations throughout the world allowing you to experience some breathtaking scenery and little visited places.

Backpacking can give you a complete sense of freedom - you have nothing but what you can carry on your back and you can adapt your travel plans as you wish, staying as long as you want in any place or moving on rapidly as the mood takes you.

While you can follow the popular tourist trails across Europe or America, much of the excitement is found off the beaten track at the lesser visited destinations. It's a strange experience being the only Westerner in a town - many people will want to talk to you to practice their English or to just find out more about you.

Backpacking is a great way to explore the far corners of the world. It can be challenging at times but always exciting and will be a truly memorable adventure.