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Campervan Awnings

Awnings provide an extension of the comfortable living space. They provide extra shade from the hot sun as well as shelter from the rain.

There are two kinds of awnings, fixed and free-standing.

A fixed awning is attached to the side of the van, above the side entrance. This needs to be rolled in and out and generally only provides a roof. They have to be put away every time the vehicle needs moving and are less suitable for lots of day trips. Some fixed awnings are much like caravan awnings and even more hassle to sort out.

A free-standing (sometimes called 'drive-away' awnings) is a separate tent-like structure. Providing more robust shelter,they are slightly more hassle to put up but can be slept in or used as an extre living space so are great when spending a few days or more at one campsite. The main advantage is that they are completely free-standing so ideal for day tripping - no need to erect it every day.

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