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Base Vehicles

The choice of base vehicle is probably one of the first decisions to be made when choosing a campervan or motorhome. A large vehicle will be harder to drive and park, but provides much more living space. While a smaller vehicle will give much more flexibility to travel and day to day use. When looking at panel vans, the outside shape determines the possible inside layouts and generally the longer the van the greater the space. This isn't however true of those vans with the engine mounted under the cab. By not having any bonnet at all, valuable space is gained in the rear. For example the old Toyota Hi-Ace vans can have 10 feet of space in the rear but are no longer than the average estate car.

Reliability and the availability of parts is crucial especially on trips to Eastern European countries. It can be hard to get parts for older vehicles, so it may make sense to try and obtain a more popular model such as Volkeswagen or Ford vans. In many Eastern European countries it can be easiest to obtain parts for a Renault van.

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