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Campervan Heating

Large motorhomes will often have some kind of gas heating built in. This isn't usually possible in the smaller campervans due to size constraints. A small gas powered heater can be very useful for those cold spring evenings running off gaz cooking cylinders. Another option is a portable butane heater powered by small cylinders. Unfortunately these don't last very long and aren't commonly available in other countries.

It is possible to run a domestic fan heater in many campsites but this depends on the power facilities provided by the individual campsite. Some will handle a full 2kW of power, but these are rare and most will limit you to 1kW or less. Check the ampage of your supply and calculate what can run safely. Some sites are wired so that overloading will trip whole sections of the campsite - not something you really want to be responsible for!

An electric fan is another worthwhile investment for hotter weather. A 12V fan will just about do, and can provide a little respite from the heat.

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