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Campervans and Motorhomes

Campervans and motorhomes at first seem like two names for the same thing - a vehicle with living space enabling cheap and easy living on the road. Whilst the names are used interchangably there is a difference in the design and philosophy between the two types. Campervans are more about freedom and travelling lightly and cheaply, whilst motorhomes are much more concerned with having home comforts on the move.

Despite their differences both campervans and motorhomes allow independent holidays whilst not being tied to cities and resorts. It's possible to see out of the way places and sights with very little fuss. There are many campsites within easy reach of the major European cities, and many places around Europe have dedicated areas for motorhomes to park at night.

The first campervans were built by the Westfalia company out of the Volkeswagen Type II 'Kombi' vans. These have since become an icon for freedom and free spirit as well as collectors items in themselves. Nowadays there is a bewildering choice of different vans and conversions, ranging from a cheap ex-delivery vans through to massive motorhomes complete with showers, heating and a satellite dish.

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