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Coachbuilt Motorhomes

Coachbuilt motorhomes use the chassis and cab of an existing van and have the classic motorhome look. These are generally built onto a brand new van chassis and vary depending on the convertor and base vehicle. Popular base models are the Ford Transit and Fiat Ducato. They offer a fixed bed above the cab along with permanant living space that doesn't need changing around at night. There's also usually external storage for tools and equipment and the water tanks can be filled and emptied easily from outside the vehicle.

The boxy shape maximises living space but makes the vehicle less efficient to drive. There are 'low profile' coachbuilt vans available but these have less space for the over cab beds. Vans of this size are much harder to park and drive especially in cities but are great for the big tourist places abroad.


  • Great for extended living.
  • Plenty of storage.
  • Double glazed windows and heating.


  • Expensive.
  • No good for day to day or touring.
  • Parking can be an issue.

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