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Van Conversions

Van conversions are still very popular and can be seen as the classic 'campervan'. There are two types, pop tops and high tops both of which have very similar characteristics. Essentially the original roof is cut off and replaced by either an elevating section or a fixed high roof giving standing room. Beds can also be placed in the roof section turning a standard VW transporter into a four or five berth campervan.

Usually van conversions contain a permenant kitchen with fridge, sink and an electric hookup connected to a secondary 'leisure' battery. There are many different internal layouts depending on the convertor and base vehicle. The most well known are the German 'Westfalia' company who did the first conversions on the VW 'Kombi' models, although there are many smaller companies that can do the job just as well.

There is the possibility of performing a home conversion your self but adapting the roof is a major undertaking that should really be done by a professional. There are however high roof versions of many vans available as standard, and converting the inside is simple enough - but still something that takes a lot of time and planning.

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