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Motorhomes are usually much bigger than campervans and are based on large van or small lorry chassis. They are square sided and much bigger inside, with permenant beds and living space, some with bathrooms, hot water and heating. External storage and water tanks are usually standard and many motorhomes have satellite dishes on the roof.

These vehicles are designed for extended touring and camping with all the facilities needed for long term use. They are much more like a home than a vehicle and are really no use for day to day driving due to their large size. Some have six wheels and are eight metres or more long. This can cause real problems with parking, smaller roads and campsites that were only designed for small caravans. Despite this they are really the ultimate in touring and suitable for permenant living. Many motorhome owners take a small car with them or have a motorbike mounted on the back for day trips.

Motorhomes come in two types; Coachbuilt, with the living space built over and around an existing van cab, and A-Class with just the chassis of the original vehicle remaining. There are other types of motorhomes although these are much more like traditional caravans albiet with different ways of connecting them to the vehicle.

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