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Self Built Campervans

To convert a campervan from scratch is very hard work, but extremely rewarding. Touring in a van you have created is fantastic and everything is designed from the ground up for your own specific tastes.

A wide range of skills are needed to create a comfortable living and driving space, but nothing is too difficult or requires particularly specific skills. The only stage where it is advisable to use a professional is in converting the roof and adding windows to a panel van. Roof conversions require a lot of inside space and some hefty tools and manpower. The tried and tested method is to cut the old roof off, layer Sikaflex sealant under the new roof and wrap tensioned straps right around the vehicle - not something you can normally do at home!

Planning is the key to a successful conversion, both in choice of vehicle and layout - if everything is well thought-out then problems can be minimised and a trouble-free build realised.