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Base Vehicles

The choice of base vehicles determines the inside dimensions and the possible layouts of a conversion. There are many ex-delivery vans than could be suitable for this at an affordable price.

There are several things to take into account when looking at buying a base vehicle, the most impostant of which is the size. Long wheelbase vans give the most space inside, but are more unwieldy to drive. The exception to this is Japanese vans, particularly those made in the late 80s and early 90s. These have the engine mounted under the cab so there is no bonnet space, giving more room in the back than comparable length European vans.

Buying a van with a high top already fitted, as with some Transits and Renault vans, can give enough head room in the rear without resorting cutting the roof off.

A van with straight side walls will lead to a much easier conversion as furniture doesn't need to be cut to fit quite so dramatically.

As with buying any vehicle, a base vehicle needs to be mechanically sound - especially if it is to be taken a long way. Some ideas are given in the checklist section.

Good resources are eBay of course as well as local papers and Autotrader.