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Camping Adventures

Camping provides cheap and flexible accommodation whilst travelling the world. The great thing about camping is being out in nature and yet having as many home comforts as you desire. From a sleeping mat under the stars to a canvas house with tv and sofa - it's entirely up to you and you can take it wherever you want!

Campsites can offer anything from a field with basic toilet block where you are very much close to nature, to a holiday park with swimming pools and leisure clubs allowing you to experience a variety of holidays whilst travelling around.

Quality campsites all over Europe and beyond enable you to stay close what you want to see and experience and enjoy being out in the open air.

Why camping lists some of the pros and cons of camping, helping you decide if it's right for you.

The choosing a tent section provides some information on picking the right tent for your needs, while the equipment section gives some idea of the equipment you'll need when camping.

The campsites section aims to give some information on what to expect from campsites as well as how to find suitable sites and choose the best pitch.