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Choosing a Campsite Pitch

There are many things to consider when choosing a pitch location. One tip is to park up at the first suitable spot and walk through the campsite. This allows you to see features that aren't obvious from your car and hopefully result in a more suitable pitch.

Early morning sunshine will heat your tent up very rapidly even if it is still cool outside. Sun late in the day can leave your tent hot while outside has cooled down. Direct sun on a tent can make it unbearably hot inside. If you're somewhere sunny work out where the sun will rise and try and find some shade first thing.

Ideally you don't want to be too close or too far from the toilet blocks. If you require electricity, make sure your lead will reach an electric point before setting your tent up - it's even worth testing to make sure that particular point actually works. Campsite roads are quiet at night but mopeds on surrounding roads can be very noisy early in the morning. If there's evening entertainment you may not want to be too close to the bar - generally you won't know what time the entertainment finishes until after your first night by which time it's too late to move your tent! Noise from bars just outside the campsite is something to be wary of too.

While level ground isn't essential you'll find it easier to sleep with only a gentle slope downwards towards your feet. It's also best to avoid hollows and low ground - while they may look sheltered, any rain can cause them to flood very quickly. Still water is best avoided too as mosquitos can be a nuisance in the evenings.

You'll also need enough room for your outside living space and to park your vehicle as well as some privacy from your neighbours. If you're with a group then you can build around a central courtyard giving you all better privacy and more space.