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Finding Suitable Campsites

A good start is the website of the camping federation of the country you are travelling to. These usually have a list of sites meeting their criteria. There are other internet directories but these are far from comprehensive and lack much detail on the individual sites.

While you are away guidebooks like the Alan Rogers guides can be very useful - the campsites reviewed are generally the better ones in any given area and there is a lot of information about each one. However, as with any guidebook, prices and opening hours can be out of date and there are limited sites within each region. The AA guides seem to show more campsites, although these only have basic information about each one.

If you have internet access, the campsite's own website can provide more information on facilities as well as more detailed directions.

During the peak season you may need to book ahead - although if you arrive early enough in the day this usually isn't a problem.