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Clothing for Camping

Normal clothing will suffice day to day but there are a few extras you might want to consider packing to make life easier. It's also worth packing into a suitcase rather than a bag - there's more room to get to everything and clothes can be packed up smaller too.

Think many thin layers instead of thick items to keep warm - as these can be used in both hot and cold climates. Something cool and thin with sleeves will help cover up from the sun and evening insects.

In case of wet weather you'll need a waterproof jacket as well as waterproof shoes and an umbrella.

Slip on shoes or sandals are much more convenient for showers where there is limited space.

If you are away for a while think about how long items may take to dry - cotton is much faster than wool and other materials.

For laundry travel wash is the most useful as it's designed to work well in cold water and for handwashing. A few of the larger campsites do have washing machines or laundry services but these can be expensive and busy.

You'll also want a waterproof washbag for the showers - there's not usually a huge amount of room and anything you take with you will tend to get wet.

A washing line of some kind is also very helpful - for damp towels or for hanging washing. There are usually a few trees around pitches that will suffice, although between tent and car will do at a stretch.

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