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Cooking Equipment

A basic two ring gas cooker with grill is the standard camping kitchen. These usually run off butane or propane depending on the size and normally come with all the attachments needed to connect to a gas bottle. Camping Gaz is found all over Europe - many campsite shops have cylinders that they will swap for your empty one for just the price of the gas. If you're going on a longer trip it's worth having a spare in case the site you are at doesn't stock your size or you run out halfway through cooking a meal!

Single ring cookers are your cheapest option. These run off small butane canisters which can be bought in quite a few places, but don't last very long. These also limit your choice of meals somewhat!

You don't really need any special kind of camping cooking equipment - your normal things from home will do unless space is a problem Pans with foldaway handles can be bought from camping stores, while cheap plastic plates and cups can be bought in any supermarket and are less easily damaged. Things easily overlooked are can and bottle openers as well as measuring jugs.

As for food it's probably best to just bring some basics from home and buy as much fresh as possible from the local markets and supermarkets.

While most campsites have area set aside for washing up, the size and quality of these do vary. One essential you'll need is some kind of universal plug - sinks are rarely fitted with them. Another alternative is a travel sink, but these have limited capacity, or a normal washing up bowl if you have space.

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