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Camping Electrics

An electrical connection isn't essential, but can provide a little more comfort when camping.

Firstly you'll need a hookup lead. These have round, three pin connections and should be separately fused with trip switches and sealed against water. You'll need at least 20m of cable and for some campsites on the continent you'll need a two prong adapter - some sites just have connections through normal plug sockets.

An electric light is a great investment - generally they provide much more light than a battery powered or wind up lantern.

A portable fridge or cool box is also really useful - these usually have a 12V connection for use in the car, whilst some others also have a 240v mains lead. For those without mains power, a 240v/12v adapter can be used to allow use from your mains connection.

An electric fan is also very useful in hot locations, giving a little respite from the heat. A travel hairdryer can be helpful in colder climates too.

You'll also need all your chargers for phones and camera batteries and for any other battery powered device.

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