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Essential Camping Equipment

Spare tent pegs and guy ropes are essential as you will break or lose some as time goes on. Plastic pegs are fine when the ground is soft and will hold better in the wet but are impossible to use on sites with very hard ground as you'll find south of the Alps. In this case heavy steels ones are preferrable.

A rubber mallet is very useful for driving pegs into the ground as anything harder will bend your tent pegs out of shape.

Extra groundsheets can be useful, providing some outside living space and when the ground is damp with dew. They can also be used as an extra canopy to keep the sun or rain off.

You'll want some kind of repair material for your tent - stoney ground can make holes in your groundsheet no matter how careful you are. Many tents will come with sticky repair patches.

A torch is a neccesity in some campsites. Wind up versions are handy as there are no batteries that can run out in the middle of the night!

A lantern - again wind up is preferrable - gives a more useful light during the evening, either outside or inside.

Finally, although it may seem obvious, make sure you've packed your tent...

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