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Country Guide

The hardest part of travelling is to decide where to go! There's such a variety of destinations and cultures to explore that's it's difficult to pick the experiences you want. We've split our country guide into regions and also into themes - so if you are looking for a particular kind of attraction to base your travels around you can start here. Then you can see what else is nearby and go from there. Wherever you choose to travel there are always interesting experiences awaiting you - and every destination is unique in its own way.

Western Europe

A good place to travel with a wealth of cultural treasures and vibrant cities in a small area. The scenery is pretty spectacular in places too! Transport links across the region are good and it's easy to get there and away.

Western Europe | Austria | France | Germany | Italy | Spain | Switzerland

Eastern Europe

Less developed and more rural, Eastern Europe a similar level of culture and scenery. However getting around can be a little more challenging - which means less tourists and also more interesting experiences.

Eastern Europe | Croatia | Czech Republic | Hungary | Poland | Slovakia | Slovenia

South East Asia

Stunning beachs, ancient temples and vibrant, bustling cities - South East Asia has it all. It's a completely different way of life to the developed West where modern city living meets traditional beliefs.

South East Asia | Cambodia | Laos | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam