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Krimmler Waterfall - Austria

Krimmler Waterfall Krimmler WaterfallKrimmler WaterfallKrimmler Waterfall

One of the best-known sights in Austria's Hohe Tauern National Park besides the peaks is the Krimmler Waterfalls. There are three main levels to these falls, pouring down a 450-metre section of mountainside and visible for miles around.

It's a very popular excursion with the first set of roaring falls only a few minutes walk from the main road. However the crowds die off further up the levels as it is a really steep path that winds its way up the river. It takes at least an hour and a half to make the ascent, continuously meeting the rushing waters along the way. From the top there are fantastic views of the valley below all beautiful and green with the mountains opposite.

The falls are really huge and dramatic with some sections falling as much as 150m in one go, as well as many smaller falls. The amount of spray given off is immense and soaks you quite quickly if the wind catches it in your direction. This does mean that there are rainbows under every waterfall if seen from the right angle, which gives them all a beautiful and magical feel. The surrounding scenery is equally amazing full of lovely evergreen trees which add to the atmosphere. Occasional glimpses through the canopy reveal towering snowy peaks and a bluer-than-blue sky.

The Krimmler waterfalls are a really amazing place. The climb to the top is really hard in places, but the views are fantastic and each section of the falls has a beauty of its own.

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