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Split - Croatia

Gregory of Nin Statue, Split Diocletian Palace - Golden Gate, Split

Split is Croatia's second city, a busy urban and industrial sprawl on the Dalmatian Coast. The compact historical centre is fantastic though and a major stopping point on Adriatic cruises.

The historical quarter centres on the Diocletian Palace whose towering walls still remain, although converted into houses and shops in places. The central Forum is still much as it was in Roman times, although now overlooked by the newer cathedral and bell tower. The rest of the palace is a warren of shady streets that lead eventually to the three massive landward gates.  Outside the northern 'Golden Gate' stands a defiant statue of Gregory of Nin - the bishop who defied Rome and conducted services in the Croatian language.  Rubbing his toe is said to bring luck and it's been worn smooth by countless hands.

The fourth side doesn't have a gate - instead the waterfront is reached by an underground passageway now full of artists and gift shops.

West of the palace the newer half of the old town contains many Venetian buildings and open squares and opens out onto the waterfront with views of the bays beyond.

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