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Krka National Park - Croatia

Krka National Park Wooden Walkways, Krka National ParkCascades, Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of Croatia's most famous attractions and justifiably so. The park is located just off the coastal highway in a seemingly desolate area, but after entering the park you are taken by bus down the windy road into the valley, offering tantalising glimpses of the lakes below.

The main area of the park consists of several kilometers of wooden walkways exploring the cascades and pools of the river Krka. The rivers teem with fish and several viewpoints give amazing views over the main falls. The main waterfalls tumble steeply over the travertine barriers forming tier upon tier of smaller cascades before plunging into the main pool below. This pool is open for swimming and gives an amazing view of the lower falls, although the sheer scale of them can only really be appreciated from the viewpoints higher up.

It's possible to take a boat trip further up river and through a large lake to the Franciscan monastery on the small island of Visovac. This is home to 12 monks and novices and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the clear waters and jagged cliffs of the national park. Further upstream is another set of falls, not as dramatic but still some 450m wide in places, cascading into the lake below. The old mills build here provide a cool shady spot to enjoy an ice cream or cool drink.

Krka's dramatic beauty and raw energy make it one of Croatia's must-see attractions

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