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Czech Republic - Road Rules

The Czech Republic has good motorway links to the east and west, funded by motorway pass.  There roads are currently being upgraded.  Roads around Prague can become very busy and congested - there's not a complete ring road yet.

Speed limits

  • 50km/h in built up areas
  • 90km/h on normal roads
  • 130km/h on motorways

Emergency numbers




  • First Aid Kit
  • Warning Triangle


Minimum driving age is 18. Photocard licences are accepted.


Third party compulsory

Drink Driving

Drink driving is strictly forbidden - the legal blood alcohol limit is zero.


One the spot fines are issued for speeding and other traffic offences - insist on an official receipt!

Seat Belts

Compulsory for all passengers if fitted

Other Rules

Dipped headlights should be used at all times

Motorways require a pass, available on border crossings and it petrol stations and post offices

Road conditions and drivers

Roads are generally in a reasonable state of repair, but there can be potholes in places.