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Czech Republic - Country Profile


Landlocked deep in the heart of Europe lies the Czech Republic. The capital, Prague, is one of the most visited destinations in Europe but the Czech Republic is more than just the capital. Deep forest with fairytale castles and medieval towns can be found all over the country.

The monuntainous areas to the north hide a wealth of dramatic scenery, while the Adrspach-Teplice region has some of the most enchanting rock formations anywhere on the continent.


Weather and times to visit

The Czech climate is continental temerpate with warm summers and cool, wet winters. The best weather is in the summer, but the May, June and September also have good weather without the crowds.


The official language is Czech. English is widely spoken in tourist areas, however much less so in rural areas where second languages are likely to be German, Polish or Slovakian.

Currency and money matters

The Czech Republic uses the Czech Koruna. There were plans to adopt the Euro but these have been put on hold for the time being. ATMs are available in the main cities and petrol stations and credit cards are accepted in many places.

Costs for Prague are as high as any European city - however in the rest of the country, costs drop dramatically.

Business Hours

Banks are open 8 to 4.30 Mon to Friday. Outside of tourist areas, most shops close Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.


Visas aren't required for most visitors - although check the lastest information before travelling. As part of the Schengen area there are no overland border controls between the Czech Republic and any other country.

General Campsite Conditions

Campsites are generally of poor quality than those further west with a minimum of facilities. Sites in popular locations can get very crowded during the summer holidays.