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Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is fast becoming a popular destination for many tourists. Transport links are improving and prices are still low, meaning you can travel further for much less than in Western Europe.

Cities such as Krakow, Prague and Budapest have always been on the tourist routes, but there's so many more undiscovered towns and cities in the region. Wroclaw in Poland has one of the greatest city squares anywhere in the world, while Dubrovnik is simply stunning. Smaller towns such as Rovij and Porec on the Croatian Istrian peninsular are equally charming whilst the villages of Slovakia can be a step back in time.

Eastern Europe has plenty of history on display - from the castles of Slovakia to the more modern war memorials of the former Yugoslavia there's much to see. Natural lanbdscapes abound - in some regions the rural areas seem unchanged for centuries. The mountainous heart of the region is dramatic with the clearest blue skies you'll ever see, while the Adriatic coastline is stunning with flooded mountains and valleys.