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Verdon Gorge - France

Verdon Gorge Verdon GorgeLavender FieldsTurquoise Lake

The Verdon Gorge (Gorges du Verdon) is a river canyon situated in the south west of France in the foothills of the Alps.  Said to be Europe's most beautiful, the turqouise Verdon river runs through the deepest section near the town of Castellane where the cliffs are almost 700m high.

A narrow road runs along one edge of the ravine, with sheer cliffs towering over one side and a steep drop to the valley floor below.  The gorge is popular with rock climbers with many challenging routes.  The surrounding area is popular with hikers, either waling the gorge itself or the surrounding peaks.  There are serveral lakes in the vicinity, mainly used for hydroelectic power and all in the same vivid turquioise blue.

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