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Foix - France

Pyrenees Pass Foix CastleTermes Castle

Foix lies at the southern edge of France and is the gateway to the Pyrenees.  The surrounding limestone landscape is riddled with caves and caverns, and the many rocky outcrops are home to a variety of castle ruins.

The castle at Foix sits guarding the river and has four tall towers standing high above the town.  Further afield is the final Cathar stronghold of Montsegur, sat on top of a tall hill and only accessible by a very steep path.  Other Cathar castles are scattered across the region.  The castle at Termes, set in isolated scrubland above a canyon is one of the most impressive.

Another popular attraction is the subterranean river (Riviere Souterraine de Labouiche).  Here visitors are pulled by hand through a very low cave system in small wooden boats.  There are many stalagmite and stalactite formationsas well as dangerously low ceilings!

From Foix, the Pyrenees grow tall – heading south passes through ski resorts before climbing the huge pass to Andorra, one of the worlds smallest countries.

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