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Carcassone - France

Carcassone Gargoyle, CarcassoneCathedral, Carcassone

Situated in the far south of France, the walled city of Carcassone is one of the great citadels of the world.  The two curtain walls are fortified by 53 towers, crowned by conical towers.  From the distance the city makes an imposing backdrop, standing proud above the river.  At night the walls are lit up, giving an even more impressive skyline.

The interior of Carcassonne is reached by gates and barbicans cut into the two outer walls.  Inside the double ramparts are a maze of narrow streets with a central keep and cathedral.  The medieval alleyways are full of souvenier shops, while the outer streets between the walls are much quieter and offer views over the new town and the Canal du Midi from the ramparts.

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