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Germany - Road Rules

Germany has an excellet network of free, two-lane motorways, connecting the whole country and neighbouring countries too.  The unlimited speed limit can be a challenge at times - the scenic back roads and relativekly traffic free and can be a stress free alternative.

Speed limits

  • Built up areas - 50km/h
  • Outside built up areas - 100km/h
  • Motorways and dual carriageways - there is no speed limit (unless signed), with a recommended maximum of 130km/h

Emergency numbers



There is no compulsory equipment, but the following items are recommended (they are a legal requirement for residents)

  • Warning triangle
  • First Aid kit
  • Spare headlight bulbs


Minimum age to drive on imported licence is 18.


3rd party compulsory

Drink Driving

The maximum blood alcohol level is 0.05% - and for those under 21 or holding licence for less than 2 years it is zero. Fines and driving bans can be applied if this is exceeded with fines atarting at €250


On the spot fines can be issued for speeding and other minor offenses.

Seat Belts

Compusory for all passengers if fitted.

Other Rules

Headlights are recommeded to be used at all times during the day and are compulsory in low visibility

Road conditions and drivers

Germany's toll-free motorway network is fast and efficient and connects most destinations. Most motorways are only two lanes and there is no speed limit. Lorries are restricted from overtaking along many stretches. Overtaking can be a scary process at times as vehicles may approach from behind extremely fast - over 150mph is not uncommon!

Back roads are scenic and sedate and a very good alternative to the fast and stressful motorways

Despite the unlimited motorway speed, German police are very hot on speeding elsewhere with many fixed speed cameras.