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Linderhof Palace - Germany

Linderhof Palace Linderhof PalaceFountains, Linderhof PalaceMoorish Pavillion, Linderhof Palace

Linderhof Palace is located at the very southern end of Bavaria and was King Ludwig's home for many years.  It's isolated location meant he could live undisturbed by matters of court and enjoy his operas in peace.

The palace is relatively small, just a few rooms, although was modelled on the gigantic Versailles.  It has a very personal feel, more like a real home than a palace.  There are only four rooms for the King – a bedchamber, dining room, audience room and the Hall of Mirrors, used by Ludwig as a living room.

The grounds are compact too, but feature an array of lakes and cascades in the landscaped gardens as well as an extermely powerful fountain, shooting water high into the air.  Statues of mythical creatures and gods are scattered throughout the gardens.  There are a couple of other building in the grounds, a Moorish Kiosk and a Moroccan House, both sumptuously decorated.

The highlight of the tour though is the hidden grotto, complete with lake.  This was built as a personal venue where the king would have operas performed for him alone.  He would often spend the opera drifting around in his golden swan boat.

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