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Germany - Country Profile


Germany has a complicated past, but has risen from WWII and reunification into a modern industrial powerhouse. A thriving economy isn't all there is here though - Germany has many historical treasures to be discovered as well as a wealth of spectacular scenery.

Many of Germany's towns have been well preserved or in some cases completely rebuilt to the original plans. Medieval towns are preserved almost exactly as they were hundreds of years ago, complete with wall murals and half-timbered houses.

Germany's landscape varies from flat plains to the north to the foothills and mountains of the Alps in the south. Much of the country is well preserved, with numerous national and regional parks protecting much of the landscape.


Weather and times to visit

German weather can be unreliable - although the best time to visit is between May and October, rain can come at any time.


German is the official language with different dialects spoken in the various regions. English is widely understood in many tourist areas - however much less so than in other countries in the region.

Currency and money matters

Germany uses the Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted and ATM machines can be found in every town as well as most petrol stations and motorway services.  Smaller business and many family run hotels, restaurants and campsites prefer cash.

Business Hours

Banking hours are generally from 8.30am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 4.30pm weekdays, although many stay open all day. Shops open longer hours, although most still operate very limited hours on a Sunday.


Citizens of EU and many other countries can enter Germany visa-free, with a 3 month limit of stay.

General Campsite Conditions

German campsites are generally well equipped and modern. Many have coin operated shower blocks, which may seem a little cheeky but does help keep the costs down. Campsites around the southern lakes and other holiday destinations can be very busy, especially in the summer holiday months and at weekends throughout the year.