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Hungary - Road Rules

Hungary's motorway network is fast an efficient connecting with the neighbouring countries.  This is paid for with an e-vignette, bought online or at border crossings, and is the process of being upgraded further.  Traffic around Budapest is manic at times - roads numbers are being changed which can confuse things!

Speed limits

  • 50km/h in built up areas
  • 90km/h on normal roads
  • 110km/h on dual carriageways
  • 130km/h on motorways

Emergency numbers



  • First Aid Kit
  • Warning Triangle
  • Reflective Jacket (for each passenger)
  • Snow chains where required


All valid EU licences should be accepted in Hungary


3rd Party compulsory

Drink Driving

Strictly forbidden. Blood alcohol levels under 0.08% incurr a fine, over this legal proceedings and your licence taken away. This is very strictly enforced - even a level of 0.001% will incurr a fine so don't take any chances.


On the spot fines are issued for minor infringements - these must be paid within 30 days. Do not give cash to the policemen!

Seat Belts

Compulsory where fitted. Children should use an appropriate restraint system

Other Rules

Dipped lights mujst be used at all times outside of built up areas.

Road conditions and drivers

Hungarian roads are undergoing an improvement program - the new motorways are very good. However older roads can have potholes and bumps. The new road system involves changes around Budapest - road numbers and signs may differ from your map.

Hungarian motorways require a pass - this can be bought on border crossing in local currency, usually from exchange kiosks. Everything is checked electronically - there is no physical pass - and can be bough online for periods of a week (actually 10 days) to a year.