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Bomarzo Parco dei Monstri (Monster Park) - Italy

Bomarzo Monster Park Bomarzo Parco dei MonstriBomarzo Monster Park

About 100km north of Rome is Bomarzo Parco dei Monstri (Monster Park). This is an old sculpture park, originally built in 1550 around the ruins of an old villa. The park is full of huge sculptures depicting mythical beasts and creatures, hidden around the villa and beautiful tiered garden. Some of the sculptures are falling apart and most are covered in moss and look very much like they are part of the natural surroundings.

Some of the sculptures are large enough to go inside - the strangest is the Casa Pendente (leaning house), with a steeply sloping floor and matching walls. Walking in the house is bizarre, really messing with your perspective and balance.

Some of the sculptures are really strange, with huge mouths and faces, whilst others incorporate benches into them, although picnics are only allowed in a small area just inside the park.

The Bomarzo Parco dei Monstri is a great day out and a nice contrast to Rome and the other larger towns.


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