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Ferarra - Italy

Castello Estense, Ferarra Rooftop View, FerarraFerarra Cathedral

Ferarra has some of the best preserved city walls in Italy and is dominated by the huge Castello Estense. Built in the 14th century, it has four towers around a central courtyard as well as its own moat. Some of the rooms inside have been restored, while others house a small museum. The dungeons have a very chilling atmosphere, with narrow entrances and thick metals doors. There's still some 16th century graffiti on the walls of the claustrophobic cells from former prisoners. Some of the rooms have impressively frescoed ceilings; a nice touch is the angled mirrors on the floor to help see them without straining your neck.

From the top of the oldest tower of the castle there are good views of the old city, over the white marble cathedral and many terracotta rooftops. The cathedral itself has a massive façade and inside feels much more a 'working' church than its counterparts in other cities.

Ferrara also has a number of parks, including the large Parc Massari with its huge cedar trees, fountains and shady pathways. Ferrara is a great place to visit with a bike, as it is so flat and mostly pedestrianised.

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