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Capri - Italy

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The island of Capri has always been a very popular and expensive destination and is located just at the end of the Sorrento Peninsula with great views over the Bay of Naples.

Capri is only four miles long by two miles wide and very mountainous. The highest point is almost 600 metres above sea level and can be shrouded in cloud while the rest of the island enjoys the hot Mediterranean sun. There are many caves and impressive cliffs throughout this hilly island.

Boat trips take you to one of the two marinas - from there it's a steep climb (450+ steps) up to the main town, although it's possible to get a bus, or the funicular railway in the case of the larger marina. The centre of Capri is full of expensive designer shops as well as many gift shops. There are some fantastic views from here over the island and surrounding coastline.

The most elaborate of the Roman Emperor Tiberius' 12 villas is on top of the cliff facing the mainland - and gives wonderful views of the Sorrento Peninsula. From here it's a short walk to the natural arch, a huge arch cut out of the rock by erosion. It's then a very hilly walk (with hundreds of steep steps) back to the town along the southern coast, with more fantastic views, this time over the islands most famous rocks, the Faraglioni. The gardens of Augustus, a little further around gives an even better view of these rocks, as well as the southern marina and the huge mountain behind. You can take a chairlift up to the top of this mountain - the highest point on the island. It is often covered in cloud, but can afford the best view of the whole island as well as the surrounding bay and coast.

A boat trip around the island is a must, exploring the coast and caves that make up Capri's best feature. The highlight is probably the 'Tunnel of Love' in the Faraglioni, a massive arch eroded out of the rock that boats can sail through. The 'White Cave' with it's stalagmite in the form of th Virgin Mary and the 'Green Cave' are also very dramatic. Capri's most famous cave is the 'Blue Cave'. It's only accessible through a very low arch when the sea is calm - you have to be hauled into it in a small rowing boat. The entrance fee is almost €10, which is very steep for a five minute journey into the grotto.

All around the island the scenery is very dramatic with fantastic views around the whole bay, from the island of Ischia past Naples and Vesuvius to the Sorrento Peninsula. It's well worth a day trip here and there's plenty to do on the island for a longer stay.

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