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Assisi - Italy

Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi Basilica of St. Francis, AssisiCountryside Viw, Assisi

Birthplace of St Francis, Assisi is a nice small city, very hilly with lovely views of the surrounding valley covered in farmland and small towns. From the highest point of the fortress of Rocco Maggiore the whole town is laid out beneath with the terraces falling away to the plain below.

The main attraction of the town is the white marble Basilica of St. Francis. The domed upper church is built on top of a second church, which is itself above the chapel and tomb of St. Francis. The cathedral is very lovely throughout, with fantastic frescoes across the whole inside by many of the great Italian artists.

The city itself is fantastic for a walk, with lots of small shops and cafes as well as some more nice churches and has lovely views over the surrounding area.

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