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Amalfi Coast - Italy

Amalfi Coast AmalfiAmalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is the most dramatic coastline in Italy and easily reached from Sorrento by ferry, or an organised boat trip. The 'Metro del Mare', a regular ferry service runs all the way from Naples to Salerno. This passes along the mountainous coast in half the time of the overland buses and gives fantastic views of the mountainous coastline.

The coast is very dramatic, with steep cliffs from the high mountains plunging straight into the sea. The area is lush green, with hills covered in low bushes, although a lot of the grey cliffs still stand out. There are lots of small islands and several former fishing villages nestling in the valleys. The road around the coast can be seen at times winding along close to the edge of the land - much of the time it has been cut into the cliff face and doesn't look safe!

Amalfi itself in a small town constricted into a narrow valley with a tiny strip of dark sand beach. It's full of the usual gift shops and ice cream stands as well as a rather impressive stripey marble cathedral. The town is overshadowed on both sides by towering cliffs. This adds a dramatic feel to the town, but seems to trap the car fumes.

Amalfi is a great day out from Sorrento and the coastline is spectacular in places, especially when the blue sky and sea contrast against the land.

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