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Vesuvius - Italy

Vesuvius Vesuvius from Pompeii

Constantly threatening the surrounding towns Vesuvius dominates the Bay of Naples. The only active volcano on the European mainland, Vesuvius is reached by a winding bus ride to the summit. The climb offers superb views of the sprawling city of Naples below as well as the solidified river of lava that once flowed towards the coastal towns.

From the car park at 1000 metres above sea level it's another vertical 200 metres up a steep and slippery slope to the top of the cone. From the top there are incredible views across the bay, to the islands and right along the Sorrento coast as well as down into the coastal towns of Pompeii and Ercolano. There's a steep drop down to the inside of the cone, and from one side of the crater a small plume of smoke rises - a reminder that the volcano is still very much active.

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