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Sienna - Italy

Sienna  Piazza del Campo, Sienna

Sienna is touted as one of the most captivating towns in Italy and hold one of the oldest Palio (horse races) in Italy

The town itself is very nice, with a maze of pleasant streets surrounding the two main historical attractions. The first is the Piazza del Campo, a huge semicircular plaza facing the impressive Palazzo Pubblico (public palace or town hall) and the venue for the annual Palio horse race. The palace has a tall clock tower that can be climbed for some good views of the town and surrounding hills.

The other major feature of the town is the cathedral, although this is currently undergoing restoration so much of its black and white marble façade is hidden by scaffolding.

Siena is a lovely town and it's nice to walk the streets, although besides the Piazza and the cathedral there is little to see and it doesn't really live up to expectations.

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