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Vientiane - Laos

Wat Sisaket Vientiane Buddha Images Wat Sisaket VientianeStatue Vientiane

The compact capital of Laos, Vientiane is strung out along the Mekong bordering Thailand. The city is small and laid back but has a surprisingly cosmopolitan outlook for the capital of one of the worlds least developed countries. There's not much to see here but the varied choice of quality restaurants and laid back atmosphere make the city a peaceful introduction to Laos.

The wide, tree-lined boulevards of Lane Xiang Avenue provide a look into the city's French colonial past, complete with a replica Arc de Triomphe, allegedly built with concrete donated by the US for a new airport runway. At the southern end fronting the river sits the Presidential Palace and Wat Sisaket, the city's oldest temple. This temple has a collection of over 10000 Buddha images in the cloisters and prayer hall with many filling niches in the roof.

During the heat of the day the riverside promendade is deserted aside from the huge statue of a soldier extending the hand of friendship towards Thailand. However in the evening it becomes a hive of activity with locals jogging, playing football or participating in mass open-air aerobics classes in the neighbouring parks. There's also a night market here along with many restaurants.

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