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Buddha Park (Xiang Khouan) - Laos

Buddha Park Vientiane Xiang Khouan Vientiane

Located a short distance down the Mekong from Vientiane, the Buddha Park is one of the strangest scuplture gardens in the world. Build by self-styled holy man Luang Phu Boonlua Surirat the statues are mainly religious in nature and fuse Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and other mythology in bizzare forms. A huge reclining Buddha dominates the park with a Mayan pyramid to one end. The other end features a huge ball with a mouth that you can climb through. Inside is a maze of steps and passageways climbing through four levels to the roof terrace where there are stunning views over the park and across the Mekong to Thailand.

The Buddha Park is a very strange place with it's bizarre and sometimes disturbing statues. It's slightly more raw than Boonlua's second park just over the river in Thailand but well worth the day trip out from Vientiane.

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