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Wroclaw - Poland

Old Town Square, Wroclaw Wroclaw Cathedral and River OdraWroclaw DwarvesWroclaw Cathedral

Wroclaw has been for centuries been on the borders of Poland and the various Germanic states.  Now finally part of Poland, the city has been rebuilt from the ashes of WWII where over 70% of the city was destroyed.  Now a lively University town, Wroclaw is fast becoming a cultural centre and popular place to visit.

Much of the old town has been restored to the original plans, including the enormous market square, second only to Krakow's in size.  The market hall sits in the centre, surrounded by bustling cafes and bars.  The rest of the town has some beautiful churches set along the river Odra on the islands to the north of the Old Town.

The strangest part of Wroclaw is the series of dwarf statues scattered throughout the town.  Numbering over 160, these initially commerorated a communist reststance movement.  Now they celebrate various trades and other famous residents.  Dwarf hunting is a popular activity and they can be found all over the city centre, most at ground level or hidden in corners although there are some climbing up poles.

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