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Singapore - Country Guide

Singapore is a friendly, clean, modern, efficient city built on strict rules that everyone now follows. The chaos and vibrancy of South East Asia is subdued but still prevalent in the Chinese and Indian quarters.


Singapore's is located on an island at the tip of the Malay peninsular. It was established as a trading post and has grown up to be one of the biggest cities in the region. Strict rules have made the city-state clean and efficient and at first glance a little sterile. The constant heat and humidity means that life has moved indoors to the many air conditioned shopping centres.

However life in Little India, Kampang Glam or Chinatown is still bustling and vibrant. Temples and tradional shops vie for space with modern electrical stores, while in the hawker centers, food is plentiful and cheap and the locals mingle on the communal tables.

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