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Slovakia - Road Rules

Slovakian roads are currently pretty poor - there is just one motorway running east to west and this is incomplete in some places and in need of repair in others.  However off the main roads the scenery is simply stunning with mountains and forests everywhere.

Speed limits

  • 50km/h in built up areas
  • 90km/h on normal roads
  • 130km/h on motorways

Emergency numbers


Compulsory Equipment

  • First Aid Kit
  • Warning Triangle
  • Winter Tyres (where appropriate)
  • Reflective Jackets - one for every passenger


Min age 18


3rd Party compulsory

Drink Driving

Strictly forbidden and strongly enforced.


On the spot fines are issued for minor traffic infringements - they must come with an official receipt.

Seat Belts

Compulsory for all occupants if fitted

Other Rules

Dipped headlights must be used at all times.

Road conditions and drivers

There's only one main motorway, running from Bratislava to Kosice. This is still under construction in many areas and in poor condition in others. Rural roads aren't too busy although lumber trucks are everywhere.

A motorway pass must be bought to use certain main roads and motorways. These are valid for 10 days a month or year and can be bought at border crossings, post offices and petrol stations.