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Caves of the Slovak and Aggtelek Karst - Slovakia

Dobsinska Ice Cave Ice Tunnel, Dobsinska Ice Cave

Across the Slovakian Karst region there are many caves - a series of these have been added to the UNESCO list. Six of these are currently open to the public while in neighbouring Hungary a further cave is open too.

Most of the caves are quite typical of Karst caves across Europe, but each has a few special features. Gombasecka Cave has very delicate this 'straw' stalactites, while Domica Cave is explored by boat. Jasovska Cave has some ancient archaeological findings.

Ochtinska Aragonite Cave however contains delicate Aragonite crystals - these calcium deposits grow in strange organic formations like coral, and look like plants growing out of crystal.  When the lights are turned out they resemble stars across the cave roof. These formations can only be seen in a couple of other caves in the world.

Dobšinská Ice Cave is another unique and beautiful cave. Ica caves form when meltwater from the winter snows freezes again below the surface. This leads to whole caverns filled with ice, frozen waterfalls and bizarre ice stalactites, stalagmites and columns. As the ice partially melts ard refreezes each year the formations are constantly changing. The highlight here is the narrow tunnel bored through the ice which descends to the lower levels.

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