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Demanovska Caves - Slovakia

Demanovska Liberty Cave Demanovska Ice CaveDemanovska Liberty CaveDemanovska Liberty CaveDemanovska Liberty CaveDemanovska Ice Cave

The Demanovska caves are two showcaves, located at either end of an underground river and cavern complex hidden up a steep valley in the Low Tatra Mountains.

Demanovska Ice Cave is situated at the bottom of the cave system and cotains a variety of icy columns throughout a number of caverns. It's worth a visit if you've never seen ice caves before, however the ice caves at Dobsinska are much more dramatic.

Demanovska Liberty Cave at the top of the valley is another story. Slovakia's most popular cave, the hour long tour takes in several giant caverns filled with beautifully shaped flowstone. There are plenty of colourful stalactite formations as well as several cave pools that reflect the rocks. The tour winds its way through huge caverns filled with massive white towers or blood red cascades before turning back through much narrower passageways with more delicate columns. Every corner hides a new wonder with huge stalactites or rocks growing like mushrooms all in different hues from deep reds and oranges to brilliant white.  All this makes Demanovska Liberty Cave Slovakia's best cave to visit.

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