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Spiss Castle - Slovakia

Spiss Castle Spiss CastleSpiss Castle

Set along a ridge in central Slovakia, Spiss Castle is Slovakia's largest castle complex and one of the largest in Europe. It seems small from a distance, but approaching up the hill from the town of Spisske Podhradie it just seems to grow and grow.

The outer curtain wall can be partially walked and offers fantastic views into the valley below and across to the monastry settlement of Spisska Kapitula. Cultural shows are performed during the summer in the huge area of land enclosed by this wall.

Further into the complex the walls build up, forming layer upon layer of fortifications. The highest level has tower, chapel and a Romanesque palace perched on the edge of the cliff. The central tower is reached only by an external staircase - this would have been a ladder to form a final sanctuary - then narrow passageway through the thick walls. The views from the top are impressive, looking over the whole castle complex.

The dungeons of the main castle contain a museum of weapons and torture implements illustrating this regions brutal and bloody past.

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