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Slovakia - Country Profile


Slovakia remains one of the most rural countries in Europe. It's a sparsely populated land of mountains and forests, sandwiched between the flat plains of Hungary and Poland.

Slovakia is a true outdoor country - the clean air and clear blue skies make the mountain regions of the High Tatra and Mala Fatra a haven for seekers of outdoor adventure. Ancient castles and medieval towns, virtually unchanged in hundreds of years, and dot the landscape and there are plenty of caves to explore too.

Slovakia is very much tied to tradition - folk traditions abound and the Roma people still live in a very traditional way.


  • Spiss Castle
  • Demanovska Caves

Weather and times to visit

Slovakia has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. There's plenty of snow in the winter for skiing, while the mountains are a hikers paradise in the summer.


Slovakian is the official language, closely related to Polish and other Slavic languages. English in spoken in some places with English language tours at some caves and tourist attractions. German is the main second language across the country.

Currency and money matters

Slovakia uses the Euro. ATMs are common in most towns but credit cards aren't so widely accepted as in other areas.

Business Hours

Shops are generally open from 8-9am and close at 5-6pm. Many close for lunch and the whole country shuts down on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.


Visas aren't required for most visitors - however visas cannot be issued on arrival so check with your specific requirements before travelling.

General Campsite Conditions

Campsite quality is pretty basic with limited facilites that can be very dated. However the locations can be truly stunning with a backdrop of forest and mountains. Many campsites have cabins for rent at a similar price to camping.